MAC REPAIRS, APPLE REPAIRS, AND MACBOOK REPAIRS AND THE T2 CHIP Apple have recently announced the introduction of their t2 chip which is already included inside some new Macbook, Mac and Apple devices.

What does this mean for you the consumer?

If your mac needs repairing and you take it to a 3rd party mac repair company who don’t have the authorization by Apple, the part won’t work.

What does this mean for the future of Mac repairs ?

Consumers will be tied into apple for mac repairs and this will limit choice raise cost and delay repairs.

Long term only mac repair companies that have access to a good network of apple repairers, consumers ultimately will have far less choice.

Consumer choices are dwindling and potentially won’t have any choice other than to purchase a completely new device. Our advice is simple – purchase apple care. The cost of this will add at least 30% but if this practice continues you will have no option.

Will prices rise for Apple repairs ?

Yes – the cost to get your iMac repair will inevitably rise as Apple charge a massive premium for their services. Third party Macbook repairs like us can often achieve savings of up to 40%.

Why do Apple charge so much for repairs ?

Apple doesn’t repair anything they simply replace parts that need attention or they deem damaged – thus the high price tag. Third party Apple repairs and Mac repairs can repair rather than replace – passing on the savings to you

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mac repairs and macbook repairs along with apple repairs - Businessman working in an office on a computer.after macbook has been repaired with apple repair and mac repair
apple to install T2 chip to thwart 3rd party macbook repairs and mac repairs